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Based in South Bend, IN and Berkeley, CA

Release date:
Summer 2012

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Mad Ball is a time management game where the responsibility of hosting the queen’s ball has suddenly fallen to a young, unsuspecting noblewoman. Serve refreshments and arrange introductions as your guests try to drink themselves into stupor, set the ballroom on fire, and club each other to death with whole hams


Mad Ball was the first five-person collaboration for Freehold Games and winner of the 2012 Something Awful GameDev Challenge. When the challenge was announced, Brian and Jason reached out to Jaana, whose art they greatly admired, and voice actors Melanie and Lucas, with an idea for a game that complied with the challenge’s theme of “balls”. After a whirlwind 30 days, Mad Ball was born.


  • Breakneck-paced ham eating, wine serving, partner matching action
  • Interactable ballroom with bust, serving table, candelabra, and gargoyle trash bin
  • Dozens of procedurally generated, bratty aristocrats
  • A full menu of delectable foods and drinks
  • Hamcake



There are currently no logos or icons available for Mad Ball. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

Awards & Recognition

  • "Judge's Choice - Winner" SA GameDev, 2012
  • "Player's Choice - Winner" SA GameDev, 2012

About Freehold Games, LLC

Freehold Games is a tiny indie studio founded by Brian Bucklew and Jason Grinblat. We make games built on two design pillars: 1) Bizarre, baroque, original settings. We share an eclectic love for the natural and humanistic worlds and it compels us to sculpt immersive settings out of their varied clays. 2) Generativity. Emergence is fascinating to us; we love to be surprised by what we make. So we build complex systems then let players collide them, and together we observe the results.

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Mad Ball Credits

Brian Bucklew
Producer, Programmer

Jason Grinblat
Game Designer, Writer

Jaana Heiska

Melanie Ehrlich
Female Voice

Lucas Nguyen
Male Voice

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